What you need to always ask the owners of the cottage

If you have already selected a few cottages, make sure you take a trip in them, look, talk to hozyaevami. Utochnite what area if there is an opportunity to put tables, is it possible that there was dancing, some contests. There are cottages, there are very nice pictures, very large house inside, but a very small area outside, for example, 6 acres, and the whole crowded pavilions, swings, etc., ie a place to put the tables, there net. Utochnyayte as free from any built-up area. If you have any tents or canopies: some houses have roofs or verandas where you can put the tables. If not – keep in mind that you will need to either rent a tent or kupit. Nekotorye cottages offer our chefs, it can greatly simplify your work to find a chef. There is a chef, he can make you some food. Be sure to specify what these dishes are, preferably, of course, try a few dishes: what if you do not like how he gotovit. Obyazatelno check will not be a protest against the neighbors, loud music at night, whether before the wedding, if there were any incidents about this, because it did not want to spoil the party when he was in full swing, and then asked to turn off muzyku. Skolko people will be able to stay for the night. Cottage can accommodate, for example, 10-15 beds. If the seats a bit, and want to stay 30, then take care to bring air mattresses or something like that. When you arrive at the cottage itself, ask about the bed linen, free of charge or, if paid, how much worth it. Maybe there is a sense in advance to bring bedding with soboy. Obyazatelno specify, if they have tables and chairs, and in what quantity. If there are tables, what they are – round, square, etc. For example, guests can not put the letter P, and small companies, as well as visually comfortable, and all sitting, chatting Kompashki own. Make a guest list – who sits with whom. Place a plate on the table that there is such and such company surnames, there – such and such, etc.

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